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Safes Supplied, Fitted & Opened In Salisbury

At our showroom which is based in Amesbury, Wiltshire, we have a useful range of domestic and light commercial safes in stock. It is more appropriate to order some safes directly from the manufacturer due to their size and weight. These will then be delivered to the desired site and we can install the product if required. We offer a safe opening service to Amesbury, Salisbury and the surrounding locality.

As safes vary in specification it is important for prospective purchasers to give due consideration to the amount, size and value of the contents, in order to select the most suitable option.


free standing safes

Available in many different sizes and shapes, free standing safes, regardless of their weight, are available with key or combination locking.

Most of these safes must be fixed or bolted to a solid surface. Free standing safes are manufactured to cover cash ratings (it’s level of security) from £1,000 – £100,000


key cabinets

These are designed and manufactured to store keys securely, holding up to a total of 3000 keys.

The function of key cabinets is to provide a simple and effective control of the movements and whereabouts of keys.


key safes

A key safe is a strong mechanical metal box, installed into brick or concrete on the outside of your property. It is accessed by a combination code, securely storing your keys inside.

The combination code will only be known to you and anyone you wish access to your property. In an emergency, it allows responders to quickly retrieve your door key and enter your property.


Cash ratings explained

Most safes are graded by a cash rating. This is the approximate amount of cash that can be deposited in the safe for overnight storage. The higher the cash rating, the higher the level of security.  Cash ratings are generally multiplied by a factor of x 10 for jewellery & valuables.

Thus, a safe with a cash rating of £4000 should be providing up to £40,000 cover for jewellery. However, we advise checking with your insurance underwriter to clarify exactly what insurance cover they provide for individual makes and models of safe.          


service and repairs

At some point most key & mechanical combination operated safes will require servicing.  It’s time to have your safe inspected if you are having trouble with locking or unlocking, or the bolt handle is stiff to turn or very loose.

We offer very competitive servicing rates on most makes of safes.

Timely servicing could potentially save you hundreds of pounds should the safe fail with the door locked closed!  



Avon Security supply a professional opening service for most makes & models of safes, and we aim to

perform this service so that the safe can be recommissioned and reused . We also open locked gun cabinets and various other types of secure containers.

We are service agents for Brattonsound, Phoenix & Dudley Safes.


supply and install

Avon Security offer you a wide and comprehensive choice of products from the best and highest quality manufacturers in the industry.  We deal with all of the top manufacturers of safes and security products in the UK & Europe, including Alpha, Chubb, Safewell, SMP, Dudley, Phoenix, Burton, Securikey, Burgwachter, Yale and Rottner.  You can be assured your cash and valuables will be safe.

We also sell second hand, shop soiled and factory damaged safes at greatly reduced prices. Please phone for our current stock list.

Secure your valuables

The team are ready to give advice so you can make the best decision.
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